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To add and write a page

To add and write a page, you will need to be an author. To become an author, please contact us here giving details of why you wish to be an author.

Once you have been created as an author, when you log in to the site you will be able to add pages.

Please READ the guidance page - it will save time and a lot of frustration! Click on the link and it will open in a new window. We suggest you print it.

How to write and edit a Crake page

The instructions page is a PDF document.

To upload images to your page

Images need to be made small in size and in terms of file size - otherwise they will make your page too slow to view.
If you haven't already got an image editor, we explain how you can download and use a free one.

A separate guidance document explains how to upload images onto your Crake page.

Guidance (if you haven't already got an image editor):

How to get an image editor

How to upload images

To get unstuck

Warning - when writing a page, or even submitting a web link, you must click Save or Cancel to leave the editor. Otherwise you will lose your changes, your page will get stuck and it will not be visible. Sometimes the page can be unstuck by clicking 'Check-in my items' on the user menu. Otherwise it will have to wait for the administrator.

To get further help
            If you have a query that is not covered in the guidance pages, please contact us here

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